Kristina Hrafnhildur Plasgård
is a swedish/icelandic artist living and working in Malmö. 

Instagram @kristinahrafnhildurplasgard

About my work

In my paintings I use oil and acrylic colours combined with silkscreening. Silkscreening is a printing technique mostly used in textile and wallpaper design to make repetitive patterns. This technique has been a way for me to build up my paintings as collages. I am interested in what can be combined in a painting. The various repetitive silkscreen patterns, which are not always matchning, enables me to create depth and perspective. 
  Most of my work departs from one colour or a certain set of colours. It creates a frame of colour combinations which I then can work within. The paintings Yellow and Red, white and brown are examples of this. Yellow was a work process only focused on how yellow interact with other colours. My sketching is mostly in aquarelle where I look for new combinations. You can see more of sketches and work processes on my instagram account - @kristinahrafnhildurplasgard


Monica Strandberg Gallery, 2019, Kalmar     

Liljevalchs Spring Saloon 2018, Stockholm

Kalmar Concert Hall, ongoing, Kalmar

Oldergaarden Gallery 2016, Öland

Villa Lavendel 2016, Borgeholm

Kaffistofa Gallery 2015, Reykjavik

Kumla Library 2013, Kumla

The Icelandic Academy of Arts, Fine arts, Reykjavik

Kävesta Folkhögskola Arts and Design program, Örebro